Gretenfield Nora Nora Gretenfield

She has her eye on you…

Yeah, you could tell Nora has the eye. It’s simple, nothing ever escapes her.
A few crumbs forgotten on the breakfast table, a book moved in the library, a hidden clue, a back door behind a fireplace … this lady, as comfortable in an evening dress as in her duffle coat, doesn’t let anything go. It is not Gabriel and Inès, the two youngest children, always quick to try to hide their nonsense, who will say the opposite. Her favorite object? A pendant-magnifying glass that she wears in all circumstances … you never know, especially in an escape game!

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Code.EN. RIII R.04

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You may find hidden codes anywhere on the Get Out website. May you reveal them all, they will enable you to reach original content that are not accessible for anyone. Will you manage to find them? Good luck!

Code.ENTR.04 Code.ENTR.04

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