Chaos reigns over Virginia City: the biggest crooks of the Wild West threaten the city. Our sheriff is desperate and in a last ray of hope, he calls on you – the best bounty hunters in the area – to hunt down these criminals and clean up the house. It will certainly reward the best of you…

Votre objectif

Stop as many crooks as possible, increase your loot and walk away with the biggest bounty!


Wild Wild Quest is not a classic Escape Room where you have to escape but a puzzle game where you all play together at the same time in the same space.

Divided into teams, you will then have 90 (intense) minutes to solve as many puzzles as possible, collect your loot and try to walk away with the coveted title of best bounty hunter in the Wild West!

An event to celebrate ? A business activity to organize? Wild Wild Quest is great for playing in large groups.

Wild Wild Quest is available at the Get Out center in an ultra-immersive setting or mobile (on your premises), depending on the Get Out, to allow hundreds of people to play simultaneously.

Henry Gretenfield

Enquête menée par

Henry Gretenfield

Wild Wild Quest

Can you help Henry solve this investigation?

Henry Gretenfield

Enquête menée par

Henry Gretenfield
Durée de l'enquête

90 minutes.

Number of players

From 9 players (differs depending on the city).

Âge requis
  • From 10 years old

Pick a city GET OUT

Code.EN. RIII R.04

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