As you walk through the woods with friends, a dragging one of you mysteriously disappears. You go in search of it and discover an old house with a disturbing facade. As soon as the door is open, you feel a sharp pain in your head, then nothing. Total black. Nothingness. A little later, you wake up in the lair of a Bloodthirsty Cannibal.

Votre objectif

Our power allows you to return 60 minutes before the time of your death, that is, the time you awoke in the monster’s lair …

Be smarter this time!


How it works ?

Each player must have a computer.

When you reserve, only reserve for the number of computers that will connect during the session (minimum 2 computers).

If you are two people behind the same computer, it only counts for one player, but be careful, only one person will be able to control the actions of the online character (avatar). The other person will only be able to watch and help think.

The game includes its own communication system. You don’t need a webcam or have access to a communication system such as Zoom, Messenger or Skype.

No device other than your computer is needed.

We strongly recommend that you have an audio headset with microphone plugged into the computer to avoid echo phenomena.

Upstream of the game

To play in good conditions, the minimum requirements are as follows:

A PC less than 6 years old with a graphics card

Windows 10 operating system Your computer must be plugged into the mains

CAUTION: The game is not available on Mac at the moment.

In order to verify that your configuration is compatible, you and each member of your team must play the game tutorial before making their reservation.

To do this, nothing could be simpler: just download the game now on:

Téléchargez Infinity Keys

If you have any difficulty with this step, please let us know.

During the adventure

Your team will need to work together to complete the mission and escape in less than an hour. In what way ? Search, communication and common sense!

This is a real Escape Game, so don’t forget that it is the team spirit that will allow you to reach the end of this challenge: you have to communicate, exchange your thoughts and ideas, you help each other throughout the mission. Clues will guide you through your adventure, as will the Game Master Actor who will help you if you get stuck.

Léonard Gretenfield

Enquête menée par

Léonard Gretenfield

INFINITY KEYS – The Cannibal’s Lair

Can you help Leonard solve this investigation?

Léonard Gretenfield

Enquête menée par

Léonard Gretenfield
Durée de l'enquête

60 minutes.

Number of players

2 to 6 people (seasoned players).

Âge requis
  • From 12 years old

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